Sad sad news…

Hey guys and gals, Tom here.

Got some news for you all, but sadly I will be leaving Bury The Hatchet. With a new possible job in line, I won’t be able to dedicate my time to the band as at the end of the day, a job comes first. No job means no gigging and playing to you lovely people (as well as those annoying bills!). :(

I know I’m going to miss playing with the BTH lads. Fact!

Also I won’t be just uping and leaving. I’m not that much of a prick, so I will be staying around as much as I can till a replacement drummer is found.

Now because of this, Bury The Hatchet are now looking for a new full time drummer. Must be dedicated, have own transports and all that stuff. If you are interested, just get in touch and we can take it from there.

Anyway, just wanted to let you lot know whats going on. Only fair to keep you all in know with what is going on.

Sheffield is now confirmed!!!

Just heard back that our little trip up to Sheffield has now been confirmed. Just waiting on more details so we can get a poster made up.

Watch this space!!!!

Gig dates added to Gigs and Shows page

September is looking to be a busy month for us. Some dates are confirmed and some are not, yet, but if all goes well, we will be doing a mini weekender up Sheffield/Liverpool way!

Were on the cover cd of Terrorizer!!!

Yes you read that right!

We have had the chance to get Protest (from our current EP) on to the cover CD of Terrorizer, issue #226.


You can order your copy directly from Terrorizer directly by going to

Published in Rocksound!

We have been published in Rocksound magazine. Go get yourself a copy today!!!


Mention over at

Here a little read below on what Sam from said about us

Another quick EP review

Here is another quick EP review from the guys over at

Another fantastic EP review!

Check it out here

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